One of my favorite color combos is an unassuming black & white with just a pop of color. Such a simple backdrop gives you the freedom to throw on practically every accessory in your wardrobe and still look amazing. Never one to shy away from being “extra” I decided to do just that.

Many plus sized women tend to steer clear of large accessories or silhouettes that draw a lot of attention.  It’s time to move on from those insecurities and become a show stopper! Large, bold accessories are perfect for stealing the spotlight. As I mentioned in my last post, Plus-size Fashion: Where Do I Begin? , confidence is the first rule of becoming a plus-sized fashionista. Also, remember that there is no risk without reward when it comes to creating your signature style.

| Photo Credit: D. L. Samuels


This white layered statement necklace from H&M has been living in my jewelry box for at least 9 years now and though I have never regretted the purchase, I do wear it sparingly because it is definitely an eye-catcher. I typically combine it with very basic pieces like a black bodycon or a white tank and jeans but I decided to out of my comfort zone with this look.


Photo Credit: D. L. Samuels

These black fringe shorts by Material Girl from Macy’s are available up to size XL but they do have a good amount of stretch so they can probably fit up to a real size 1X.  A word of caution; if you have larger thighs, the fringe band on the legs of the shorts  DO NOT stretch. I paired it with a black crop top and Tribal Print Kimono from Ashley Stewart with wine colored patent pumps. I added the belt to give some definition to my waist as wider midsections can get lost in looser pieces of clothing.

In the beginning, it was all black and white.“― Maureen O’Hara


Outfit Details:

Necklace by H&M

Kimono by Ashley Stewart

Fringe Shorts by Material Girls (Macy’s)



Originally posted on Aug 15, 2016

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