For many women, makeup can be extremely intimidating. With so many images of exquisitely made up Instagram models and the plethora of makeup gurus lending advice on platforms such as Youtube, one can easily become overwhelmed. I, myself have become frustrated when that winged eyeliner or smokey eye looks nothing like the tutorial I spent hours watching on repeat. Below I will outline the most important things you should keep in mind before beginning any makeup routine.

Get To Know Your Skin Type

The key to developing a great beginner makeup routine is to first know your skin. Start brushing up on different skin types (oily, dry, combination). Learn what kinds of products work best for your skin type and which to avoid. If you have sensitive skin, this tip goes double for you. Do some research on which ingredients can cause breakouts for sensitive skin types like yours and always make sure to test a product on your neck or forearm before use.

Take Care of Your Skin

This goes hand in hand with getting to know your skin type. One of the biggest mishaps of makeup beginners is neglecting the skin under the makeup. While foundation can give you the appearance of flawless skin, nothing beats actually HAVING flawless skin.Don’t forget to thoroughly remove all makeup at the end of the day and to apply a moisturizer /sunscreen consistently. You can take a look at the “Friday Fave” product that is helping me maintain better skin HERE.  If you notice breakouts or rashes after using new products, stop using them immediately. Also, Try incorporating no more than 1 new product at a time, this way you can be sure to find the culprit if any reactions take place.

Your Brushes Are Your BFF

Equally as important as taking care of your skin, you MUST MUST MUST take care of your makeup brushes and applicators. Be sure to clean brushes, sponges, and applicators frequently to avoid transferring acne and infection-causing bacteria onto your skin between uses. Using brushes for extended periods between washes is the worst thing a girl could do and may just end up being the reason you quit makeup altogether. Trust me, this could lead to many regrets and should be avoided at all costs. I would suggest doing a quick cleanse after each use and a more thorough shampooing at least once per week.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Even the best makeup artists start out as beginners. Don’t get discouraged by failure, in fact with makeup, the fails teach you just as much the successes. Just because this look, product, technique, color didn’t work out, does that mean that it never will? We both know that’s ridiculous. You better get your fluffy powder brush back in your hand and try again. Soon enough, you will find that the more you attempt that look, the easier it becomes. Try, try and try again.

Forget Perfection

I’m convinced that the word “perfect” found its way into the English language by some sadistic jailhouse torturer. It serves only to drive people insane. In makeup, such as in almost all things in life, perfection should never be your aim. Besides, what is “perfection” to one person may be mediocre to others. Keep your focus on learning new products/techniques and making adjustments when necessary. Never get caught in the desire for perfection. As a beginner, strive for a more natural look than a “perfect” look. This will give you a boost in confidence with your skills and help you to look like your best self.

*Remember that with or without makeup, the most important thing is to love what and who you see in the mirror. Never make the mistake of thinking that makeup is a cure-all. It is simply icing on your already naturally fabulous cake.

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