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I don’t know about you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE distressed denim. My obsession started when the trend first became popular a few years back. I had the most difficult time finding any distressed denim that could go past my knees. It was horrific! *fake tears*

Luckily, my pain can save you some heartache. There are now tons of affordable options for plus sized women in the denim department.  Below I have listed a few great places that offer plus-sized distressed denim that is both cost-effective and super cute.

  • Forever21 Plus

I have a love/hate relationship with the distressed denim at Forever21 Plus. Though they fit great and are usually at really great prices, they typically sell out faster than hot cakes. For those who don’t stalk the pages of F21 + like myself, it may be a chore trying to get to them in time.

Available Sizes 1X – 3X

  • Charlotte Russe

Since devoting a portion of their site to plus-sized shoppers, Charlotte Russe has been providing moderately priced clothing for women. They have a pretty good variety of plus-sized distressed denim.

Available Sizes 16 – 26

  • ASOS Curve

Two words; Ridley Jeans. Girrrrl!!! I could end my post right there. Those Ridleys are everything and more; so comfortable and cute. They also offer quite a few high-waisted denim options as well, so you should definitely check out ASOS if you are on the hunt for some good quality denim.

Available Sizes 14-22.

  • Fashion Nova  

Though I have not purchased anything from this online provider (yet), I have heard rave reviews about their denim. From stalking their somewhat small plus size selection though, I can see that their distressed denim is ON POINT!

Available Sizes 1X – 3X

  • Rainbow

Every teenage girl in America has purchased at least one item from Rainbow. This brand is synonymous with the word affordable. Since offering their clothing online Rainbow is now even more accessible and they have a large variety of plus-sized distressed denim to choose from.

Available Sizes 14 – 24

That rounds out my favorite places to find affordable and stylish plus-sized distressed denim online. Don’t forget to comment below with any stores that I may have missed.

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